“I learned more in your first three hours than I did at a four-day drone conference in Las Vegas!”  

William S., Dallas, TX.

Randy & Stacy are DJI’s only authorized drone photography instructors  worldwide.

Get Inspired. Fly Empowered.

This exciting & fast-paced full-day workshop will bring you up to speed, give you valuable industry insight, and teach you to create professional, compelling, and marketable aerial drone photography. 

We now have our masterclass available online for at-home and intercontinental learning.

DJI Aerial Photo Academy

Live, on Tour

  • Learn the rules of the sky.
  • Create top-quality aerial photos.
  • Develop new streams of income.
  • Build rock-solid confidence in your drone skills.
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Globally Recognized for Their Drone Expertise

Randy Braun & Stacy Garlington are pioneers in drone photography. Both worked with DJI  during the formative years of the company, leading the Aerial Still-Photography Development Team. With extensive backgrounds in both the drone & photography industries, they have harnessed and packaged the skills of successful drone photography to share with you. 

Randy & Stacy have presented drone photography classes at the world’s preeminent industry conferences, including:

  • Adobe MAX Conference
  • Photoshop World Conference
  • Imaging USA Conference
  • Photokina – Cologne, Germany 
  • PhotoPlus Expo – NYC
  • Web Summit – Dublin, Ireland
  • TedxYouth – Austin, TX
  • EAA Airventure – Oshkosh, WI
  • Professional Photographers of America
  • Hasselblad Camera HQ – Sweden
  • Adobe Education Summit 
  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
  • Santa Fe Photographic Workshops – NM
  • National Association of Broadcasting (NAB)
  • DJI Corporate Headquarters  – Shenzhen, China
  • Texas School of Professional Photography
  • SXSW – Austin, TX
  • National Association of Realtors Annual Conference
  • University of Kathmandu, Nepal

Do you find drone photography confusing? Are you lost by the rules & workflow?  Does your boss want you to use a drone? Are your photos missing visual impact?

We will fix all of this for you. We make drones simple!

Classroom discussion includes proven photography techniques, with an edge toward earning money with your drone.

Instructors offer invaluable tips about flight techniques and how DJI drone systems work. However, this is not a how-to-fly class. 


Classroom sizes are typically limited to 35-60 for in-depth instruction. Enrollment fee for this full-day class starts at $195.

More than 90% of attendees say they got more value than they expected (based on follow-up surveys).

Together, Randy & Stacy will present a fast-paced workshop packed with their industry knowledge & expertise. And they bring this workshop to your own town!

Register Here for Upcoming Workshops

✔️ McKinney (Dallas), Texas  –  01/20/2020 – Monday –Sold out 🔥🔥🔥

✔️Arlington (Fort Worth), Texas  –  01/22/2020 – Wednesday

✔️ San Marcos (Austin), Texas  –  01/24/2020 – Friday – Sold out🔥🔥🔥

✔️ Houston (West), Texas  –  01/28/2020 – Tuesday –  Sold out🔥🔥🔥

✔️ Houston (South), Texas  –  01/30/2020 – Thursday – Sold out🔥🔥🔥

✔️ New Orleans, Louisiana  –  02/03/2020 – Monday – Sold out🔥🔥🔥

✔️Memphis, Tennessee  –  02/05/2020 – Wednesday 

✔️Nashville, Tennessee  –  02/07/2020 – Friday – Sold out🔥🔥🔥

☐ Atlanta, Georgia –  03/23/2020– Postponed For COVID-19 🔥🔥

☐ Tampa – St Pete, Florida  –  03/25/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19

☐ Naples – Ft Myers, Florida  –  03/27/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19 🔥🔥

☐ Miami, Florida  –  03/30/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19  

☐ Jacksonville, Florida  –  04/01/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19  

☐ Charleston, South Carolina  –  04/03/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19 

☐ Charlotte, North Carolina  –  04/06/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19 

☐ Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina  –  04/08/2020 –Postponed For COVID-19 

☐ Chesapeake, Virginia  –  05/04/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19

☐ Richmond, Virginia  –  05/06/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19

☐ Fairfax – Tyson, Virginia –  05/08/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19

☐ Columbia, Maryland –  05/12/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19

☐ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  –  05/15/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19

☐ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania –  05/18/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19

☐ Ann Arbor, Michigan  –  05/20/2020 – Postponed For COVID-19

❤️ 👍🏼 Randy & Stacy are excited to resume face-to-face seminars in Summer season of 2023.

Thank you for participating in our online Premium Masterclass for at-home education.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As photographers, Randy and Stacy bring a drone wherever they go, because one never knows when that golden opportunity for a great aerial photograph will arise. For this class, however, you will not need to bring your drone. We will have our personal line-up on display. We will not actually take to the air in this class.

By all means, YES! You will walk away with a great deal of knowledge to get you in the air faster and safer with more confidence and skill.

In fact, we normally have 5-10 students in each class who do not own, or have never flown a drone. This is an ideal starting point for you.

The class level is “Intro” to “Advanced-Intermediate” with several “Pro” tips thrown in.

Knowledge beyond what you can find on-line or elsewhere. The knowledge we share is based on real-world experience. The insight we share is based on our previous employment at DJI HQ in Shenzhen.

There will be opportunity to meet and speak with both Randy and Stacy one-on-one during the day. This is important to them and you! Also, several minutes during lunch and at the end of the day will be reserved for a Q & A session.

All samples, examples, and discussion will be based on DJI brand drones, especially the Phantom and Mavic pro-sumer product lines.

Flying has become so simple that a novice can learn on their own in a couple of hours. This class is not intended to teach basic drone flying skills. Instructors will discuss flying somewhat, as it pertains to photography, but this is a classroom-style setting.

The final hour of class time is spent demonstrating computer processing with Adobe Lightroom Classic. If you wish to bring your own laptop and follow along, you should install a free trial copy of Adobe Lightroom prior to the class. Before class day, we will email you a folder of sample photos that you should download to your laptop. Simply keep the photo folder on your desktop for easy access during class. 

Bring a clear head, pen/pencil, and a laptop if you have one. You will have a table to sit at and can store your daypack or belongings underneath. Wear comfortable and casual clothing. Conference rooms are known to be cold – maybe have a jacket on hand.

There is a great deal of cross-over from still photography to video. Video requires a great deal more advanced planning and post production skills. Much of the still photography discussion in class can be applied to video. The instructors can also answer questions regarding video. Regarding the post processing/editing of video, we will not approach this in a one-day class. Keep an eye out for our blogs and video tutorials about drone video workflows.

Advanced online registration is required. If a friend urgently wants to join you at the last minute, send an email to help@djiphotoacademy.com and we will let you know if any open seats remain. Payment at the door is cash only.

Please contact us (help@djiphotoacademy.com) as soon as possible if you wish for us to reserve easily accessible or up-front seating. We accommodate hearing-impaired attendees using a computerized visual translation system called AVA. Please download the AVA to your phone or tablet prior to class.

Please email help@djiphotoacademy.com at least 72 hours prior to the event for a 100% refund. We are strict about the 72 hours; this is 3 full days prior to the 10am start of the class in which you are registered.

For example: If your class begins at 10 a.m. on a Friday, your refund request must be received before 10 a.m. on the Tuesday of that week.

No. We are here to share our real-life experience, knowledge, and skills to you. We won’t trap you into spending additional money on your way out the door at the end of the day.

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